Event Collateral for Tradeshow





Mitchell International creates online solutions for Insurance Agencies, the Automotive Industry, Collision Repair Shops and Consumers to simplify and automate the claims handling and collision repair process. Each year they attend a trade show, where top sales staff are awarded with a high end vacation.


The project was to create a new series of collateral that would be used to showcase the award. This included a custom logo, design comps to define the overall style, and design and production of a PowerPoint presentation, email, postcard, personalized award certificates, a landing page and website banners.




I used vintage travel postcards as a basis for the design, stylizing typography, colors and textures to emphasize the feel of old Jamaica. The logo employs a cleaner less textured style as it was used on the printed award certificates but stylistically represents Jamaica with the bird and foliage. The result was a vivid, compelling branded look, with a cool vintage vibe that was both memorable and fun.