Web Design / Print Design





The founders of an annual race in Seattle, called the Lake Union 10k, hired me to rebrand the race website including creating a new logo and printed materials to promote the event. The goal was to create a site that would increase participation, inform attendees about various aspects of the race, and provide a simple positive user experience.




My role was to design the desktop and mobile site,  as well as print and digital assets for promoting the event.


Using the old site as a guideline, I worked with the race sponsor to streamline navigation for a better user experience, as well as simplifying the mobile experience in include basic items with direction to the desktop for more detailed information.


For the design, I used colors in blue and yellow that correspond with the environment where the race takes place. I included stylized elements resembling waves, along with fun, bright outlines to energize the site as a whole. The logo is used on the baseline of the page to reinforce the brand and highlight the Seattle based event. The logo is also used for t-shirts and other promotional items for the race.